With an extensive background in healthcare supply chain management, Sarah brings an invaluable knowledge base to her clients. Understanding that change does not come without challenge, Sarah's insight into the potential hurdles that may arise from major transformation initiatives will help facilitate the adoption of new processes, policies and procedures with greater proficiency.


By evaluating your current processes she can identify key areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance value, improve customer service and reduce non-value added costs and activity. Sarah will explore relationships with existing suppliers, review internal and external communication strategies and analyze current practices to provide a clear understanding of your current state. From there she will outline priorities, set measurable goals and establish a workable plan that is on budget and on target.


Her hands-on experience within shared services organizations, coupled with her understanding of Ontario procurement legislation, provides perspective for building your solution. Sarah has supported a number of Ontario hospitals and social service agencies as they aligned their procurement policies and procedures to comply with the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive, including providing internal training programs for staff.

sarah@friesenconcepts.ca . 416 . 806 . 4429

The Results are In

Nurses and caregivers are able to spend more time on direct patient care because their administrative work is greatly reduced.

Product availability is increased and inventories are reduced as new warehousing and distribution strategies result in the streamlined handling of goods.

Significant cost savings are achieved system-wide as sourcing is consolidated and organizations take a more strategic approach to contract and supplier management.

sarah@friesenconcepts.ca . 416 . 806 . 4429
sarah@friesenconcepts.ca . 416 . 806 . 4429